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  • 11 May

    This week’s blog will be about the new design of the Official LRAFC programme, as the 2016/17 season comes to an end its time to start working on the new 2017/18 design. As the latest programme took...

  • graceline_bodycare_labels

    24 Apr The Graceline Bodycare Labels

      We are very pleased to show off one of our latest projects; labels for the natural and organic cosmetic company, The  Graceline Bodycare. It has been a collaborative group effort between our ...

  • Benefits of Logo

    21 Apr Benefits of a Logo

    The logo has become a regular aspect in our visual world. Whether you are browsing the internet, watching TV or taking a walk, there is a good chance that a logo will appear. These logos belong to co...

  • Comic Sans

    03 Apr Is Comic Sans really that bad?

    Steady on fellow designers, typographers and what seems like the majority of the internet. Put down the pitchforks and let me just state that I too, do not like Comic Sans. We have all become familiar...