Apprentice Week: The New Design of the LRFC Official Programme

This week’s blog will be about the new design of the Official LRAFC programme, as the 2016/17 season comes to an end its time to start working on the new 2017/18 design. As the latest programme took a big jump in design from the 2014 and the 2015 programme we have tried to think of ways we can keep the programme the same style, but possibly simplifying the programme and tweaking it just a little bit more for next season.

2014/15 LRAFC Programme

2015/16 LRAFC Programme

As you can see there is a lot to take in with the design small pieces of text with captions featured on the front cover as seen in the 2014/15 design. Moving on to 2015/16 programme it was simplified a lot more with no captions, but with the collage of pictures worked well, in our view we felt that one big cutout image with the overlapping layers would really give it a cool look for the season of 2016/17 (photo below)

This years 2016/17 LRAFC Programme

Whilst mocking up ideas for the 2017/18 programme I found that other programmes, from all manner of football clubs, big and small like to feature quite a lot of artwork in theirs. With the 2016 programme I felt like the artwork was enough but it didn’t really show the Lyme Regis colour’s.  Well it did, but in my opinion I feel there’s to much going on in the background so why not either blur it out or completely remove all colour form the image, but keeping the colour onto the LRAFC colour’s, drawing more attention so the Yellow and Black really catches the eyes of the readers. (Photo Below)

As you can see the black and white background suits it so much more as your main focus is the Lyme Regis Player.

So, with the new design I would like use the style of image above, and in my opinion I feel it really works well. There are a few mockups (below) for the new design and as you can see compared to the 2016/17 season it has been simplified more. Giving the image more room, by making the text and logo a little smaller and tucking it into the bottom of the page but still not compacting and squashing the text.

We also tried inverting the colour’s with a black background and yellow text instead of black text on yellow, I’m not completely sure about the inverted version, as it does seem to work but it’s also the view of the programme editor.

Thanks for reading everyone, that’s all for this week.

Keep track of all of our social media for the final design decision.

Ollie Alner
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